If you have on for yourself a promotion at work or earned a degree with a perfect rating, you certainly have worked hard than ordinary for it. Planning to grow lean muscles is like wanting to achieve the best in other areas of life—you’ll have to put in more effort and dedication and sometimes endure sacrifices to make it happen. We live in a world where everyone wants cheap results. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for growing muscle. This is the primary focus of this article. You won’t just bulk up overnight! The good news is that following some proven tips can help you build up muscle faster. Here are the 7 keys to muscle growth you can use to break through your journey.

Do Compound Muscle Movements

Compound muscles movements help a great deal to work out more muscles at a time. If you’re looking to build more muscle, these are the kind of exercises you are going to engage in to get it done fast. Think about forms of exercises that target all major muscles of your body to help you add more muscle. Examples of compound exercises you can incorporate in your regimen include:
• Deadlifts
• Overhead press
• Rows
• Pull-ups
• Farmer’s walk
• Bench press
• Lunges
• Dips
• Heavy kettlebell swings
• Squats

However, this does not just mean you should focus on these movements alone. In fact, complementing these exercises with other forms of exercises such as bicep curls, leg extensions, and calf raises can be instrumental in realizing great results.

  • Eat a Healthy Diet

Perhaps this is the most ignored aspect by most people looking to bulk up fast. When it comes to muscle building, your diet is very important. While your gym activities are key to your muscle building journey, eating “poor” will reverse all the gains you are likely to make. Anyone hoping to grow big muscles must eat big as well. Does this sound counterintuitive? Well, this doesn’t mean eating a lot, instead, you need to eat foods that will give the right amount of energy you need for your intensive exercises. The most critical of the foods you should incorporate into your diet are those rich in proteins. Remember that protein is the primary building block for muscles, which is what you are looking to increase. Therefore, you need to increase your intake of healthy protein such as lean beef, cottage cheese, chicken breast. You need to avoid as much as possible fried beef or fatty meals.

  • Use Progressive Overload

Getting more muscle means getting stronger and the best way to ensure this is through progressive overload. What this means is that you are going to scale up the amount of load you give to your muscles in a progressive manner. This will allow for a sizeable gain in muscle and strength. Doing the same weights every time means staying the same or eroding the gains you’ve made. Alternatively, you can maintain the same loads but reduce the resting time between the sets and increasing the pace.

  • Train with Intensity

If you are looking to build more muscle fast, increase the intensity to your exercises. It is all about pushing yourself to limits by doing more reps than before. The more you stretch toward the pain barrier the more you re likely to make significant gains. You can’t expect to register tremendous gains doing mediocre sets. Therefore, step up the intensity of your training and push yourself to the ceiling to grow muscles.

  • Work the Entire Range of Motion

Your body is made up of different types of muscles with each requiring different motions for optimal impact. Therefore, you need to have a range of motions such as static, upward and those involving lowering and holding the weight. Working the entire range of motions will help you stimulate all the muscles and maximize muscle growth.

  • Have Enough Rest

Everyone needs enough rest after rigorous and intense exercises before beginning a new set of activities. Resting before getting on it again helps your body to build new muscle tissues and repair the tissues before getting back to exercises again. You not only need enough rest between training but also when sleeping. Your body produces testosterone when you’re asleep since sleep creates the best anabolic environment for tissue growth.

  • Use the Right Supplements

Good supplements, when added to your exercise regimen, can certainly help. However, caution should be taken to avoid fake supplements that claim to give results. Look for tested supplements such as creatine, test boosters, protein shakes and mass gainers to increase your muscles. These supplements are known to delay muscle fatigue, increase recovery and grow the muscles.

To Wrap It Up

There you have 7 keys to building muscle growth. Talk to your fitness expert to design a plan with the right exercises. You’ll not gain muscle overnight, but fast, by taking the right steps, you will achieve the kind of results ordinary gym goers won’t achieve.