Whether you want to look good in your attire this summer or just want to achieve a perfect figure for an upcoming championship, burning that extra pound of fat may be very necessary. Here are some proven ways you can use to burn fat and gain a leaner muscle.

  • Strength Training

This involves working your muscles to help increase your power, resistance and muscle mass. Some of the popular strength training exercises include weight lifting. Literature is replete with evidence that strength training has multiple health benefits for people trying to lose weight. In one survey, 78 participants with metabolic syndrome involved in strength training exercises cut visceral fat around the belly. A separate study showed that 12 weeks of this form of exercises coupled with aerobic training was far effective than aerobic exercises at cutting body belly fat.

  • Follow a High-Protein Diet

A protein-rich diet will go a long way to reduce the amount of your body craves for and burn more fat. This is because proteins cause your body to feel full, hence decreasing your appetite for more calories. Studies have shown that eating food rich in high-quality more protein can reduce belly fat. Similar studies have shown that protein diets have been effective in preserving muscle mass and maintaining the right body metabolism during a weight loss regimen.

  • Ensure to have enough sleep

Getting to bet early has proven effective in burning fat and preventing weight gain. To prove this assertion, a study of 68,183 women indicated that those who had more hours of sleep per night were less likely to be obese compared to their counterparts who had little sleep time. Lack of sleep causes changes in hunger hormones, increases appetite, hence a risk of becoming obese.

  • A little vinegar in Your diet will work wonders

Vinegar has for many years been known for its healthy components, especially because it improves heart rates and blood sugar level. Therefore, incorporating some checked amount of vinegar in your diet may help increase the rate of burning fat. Taking 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar on a daily basis over 12 weeks can help burn belly fat and reduce your body weight. It also causes your body to have a feeling of fullness hence reducing appetite.

  • Incorporate healthier fats

While this approach may sound counter-intuitive, increasing the number of healthy fats in your diet may work wonders in preventing weight gain and cause you to sustain feelings of fullness. This is because it takes a bit of time for the body to digest fats and this means it will increase the time between which your body craves for food. However, the fats should be truly healthy such as those from olive oil, nuts which have been proved to lower the risk of weight gain. On the contrary, unhealthy fats such as those full of cholesterol are a recipe for increased body and belly fat.

  • Fill up on Fiber

Soluble fibers are known to absorb more water. In addition, they move slowly through the digestive system, helping your body get a feeling of fullness for longer. Therefore, increasing the number of fiber foods in your diet may just be the right strategy for reducing the risk of weight gain and fat buildup. When done properly, fiber foods can reduce excess body fat by about 4-5 pounds in just 2-3 month. Some of the best sources of fiber that will bolster your weight loss include fruits, legumes, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

  • Cut Down on Refined Carbs

Cutting down your intake of refined carbohydrates could be one of the surest ways of losing extra fat. As the carbs are processed, bran and germ are stripped off, a process that leads to a final content with little fiber. In addition, refined carbohydrates have a higher glycemic index, a property that can cause low sugar levels, causing one to feel hungry.

By combing two or more of the above strategies, you can record a dramatic decrease in your body fat and cut your weight in an effortless yet effective way. Start off with these options and head to your destination of a body with lean muscle and attractive physique.